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2 Year Warranty on all New Audi Turbos Garrett Holset 12 Month Warranty on all Remanufactured Audi Turbo Chargers
New, Reconditioned & Repaired Audi Turbochargers is brought to you by Turbo Express. We have new, used and reconditioned Audi Turbochargers to suit every budget - all backed up with 6-24 months warranty for your peace of mind. With massive Audi Turbo stocks, expert support and express distribution we offer unbeatable service and availability, along with only the very best in quality Audi Turbocharger services.

So if you are trying to find a replacement new, used or remanufactured Audi turbo (reconditioned Audi Turbo), or want to know how easy it is to use our Audi Turbo Charger repair service, give us a call on 01993 832 010 and speak with one of our helpful and knowledgeable Audi Turbo experts.

We have these competitively priced options available now:
  • Used, stripped, cleaned & inspected Audi Turbos (6 months warranty) from 175.00 + vat
  • Recon, original exchange Audi Turbochargers (12 months warranty) from 275.00 + vat
  • New, boxed, original exchange Audi Turbo Chargers (24 months warranty) from 380.00 + vat
  • Comprehensive FREE diagnostics & Audi Turbo Repair service available

All Audi Turbos are stripped, cleaned, inspected & replaced with new parts as neccessary

12 months warranty from 275.00 + vat

We have brand new, boxed, original Audi Turbochargers for all Audi models

24 months warranty from 380.00 + vat

We can save you money by repairing your existing Audi Turbocharger - 48hr turnaround

Next Day shipping just 10.00 + vat